Posture Prep  |  Mission statement

Mission statement

The mission of the Posture Prep Resource Center is provide horse owners and professionals with the tools and techniques to improve the horse's posture, thereby improve the horse' performance, health and longevity.  


The primary concept is that, Posture is the Language of the Horse™.  


Too many people confuse a horses posture with the horse's conformation.  Posture changes in response to different physical, environmental and emotional states.  Learning the difference between a horse's actual conformation and postural fitness and postural tendencies will prove to be a tremendous tool for improved communication. Thereby enhance and strengthen the partnership between horse and human.


Once you get your eyes and hands on your horse in a more systematic, therapeautic way, then all of your other senses will become more tuned into your horse, and he will become tuned in to you. 


You will start to find yourself being a more "natural horseperson" as you actually become more aware of your environment and your "animal" side.