Posture Prep Resource Center encourages reciprocal site linking with those companies or individuals that offer related information, products or services that may serve the interests of our clientele and members.

Click on a banner or name to visit that web site.  Susan Harris and Peggy Brown information on clinics etc.  Great Holisitc information on many things! Equine, Equestrian, and Nature Consulting , Consulting and Education.  Videos and more!  SORE NO MORE products and More!  Pelleted Sarcomyces Cervisae  aka brewers yeast  in a highly palatable form.  FANTASTIC for the health of the horse's gut for optimum absorbtion of nutrients.  Tremendously helps hoof growth. Kevin Thompson Infra red Thermography services.  Very thorough and very useful for all avenues of horse evaluations, from per-purchase to diagnostic information for your veterinarian.  My most favorite and efficient and beneficial peice of workout  "equipment"  Check it out.