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This system is designed to improve your horse’s posture, performance and health by
optimizing the myofascial system of your horse. Unbridle the Power in Your Hands!
  1. Physical Carriage
  2. Attitude
  3. Arrangement of body parts

A horse’s POOR POSTURE can actually be mistaken for POOR CONFORMATION. In fact:
  • Good posture complements a horse’s conformation.
  • Poor posture can make a well conformed horse look bad.

Let’s take a look at a before and after picture of “Gavin” (below and to the right) to better understand the role of posture in a horse’s appearance.

In the picture on the left, notice how Gavin’s

  • Front legs and feet are pointed to his right.
  • The left fore is turned in and the right fore is turned out.
  • His chest is a bit narrow as well.

The photo on the right was taken a month later after regular cross fiber grooming. Notice that:

  • Both of his front feet and limbs are pointing straight ahead
  • His chest is a better developed and shows more muscle.

Looking at Gavin, some might fault his conformation.

I place fault on his posture. As it turned out, the problem with Gavin was scar tissue from a previous injury. Do you see in front of his left chest muscle, there is a diagonal “dent”? When this area was palpated, deep scar tissue could be followed down into the sternum or “breast bone”.

The scar tissue restricted the mobility of the chest muscle, which consequently turned in his front leg on that side.
The scar tissue was released with Cross Fiber Grooming and massage and the range of motion of the front limb improved, allowing better alignment of both front limbs. Cross Fiber Grooming helps improve the overall posture of the horse and provides a foundation for optimum biomechanics and performance.


The following three photos show the same pony at different stages of fitness over a 12 month period. They offer a profound example of how posture, or “arrangement of body parts”, can distort or compliment the actual conformation of a horse.

Posture is the language of the horse.™

The illustrations below were created as part of the Posture Prep System to help you to develop a functional knowledge of posture and biomechanics for you to better understand and evaluate your own horse.

I have labeled and defined the cap of the scapula and the point of the hip, the Functional Axes of Rotations.

These “points of reference” have muscular attachments that fan out in 360 degrees with profound postural and biomechanical affects.

I have also separated the horse into Three Functional Zones to help you understand the effect of posture on a horse’s conformation and movement.

The Posture Prep Cross Fiber System is not the first, nor the last to acknowledge and expand upon the body language of the horse. There are wonderful and copious resources of information by animal behaviorists, trainers of Classical Riding and “natural horsemanship” and many others, on improving horse and human interactions.

The mission of the Posture Prep Resource Center is to provide a simple and proactive learning environment where you can gain better awareness tools to evaluate and influence the health, well-being and longevity of your horse. It also offers a way to experience the power of the team approach with other contributors sharing their knowledge and experience with you.

By getting your hands, eyes and all of your senses tuned into your horse with a new appreciation on the importance of good posture, it will help you to be a better leader in your relationship with your horse. You will be able to communicate your observations and concerns with your farrier, veterinarian, equine dentist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist and trainer. So Unbridle the Power in Your Hands™ and have fun with it.

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