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A Posture Prep for Your Pet


See the instructional dog video at the bottom of this page.  View it as many times as you like. Feel free to send questions to

Cross fiber massage can help your dog’s health and even performance as:

1.  It relaxes the muscles to relax your dogs body and mind
2.  It improves blood circulation.
3.  It improves lymphatic function.
4.  It massages acupuncture points.
5.  It helps to release adhesions and restrictions in the muscle and soft tissue.
6.  It improves range of motion of joint and overall movement of your dog.                                                     

7.  It improves spinal alignment to improve posture by reducing stress and strain on muscles and joints.
8.  Improved posture supports the spinal cord and brain and peripheral nervous system function.

 All pets can benefit from cross-fiber grooming and it's not difficult. The groomer is designed to fit your hand nicely and contour around your pet

The design of the Posture Prep™ makes it easy to use and get healthy results*.


Use the groomer to stroke your pet and "comb/brush" the coat.  This is a nice way to evaluate and introduce the Posture Prep to your dog or pet.


Before starting, make a few notes about your pet’s posture, length of stride and suppleness of his/her muscles and general demeanor.  This will give you conscious comparison as you regularly massage and bond with your dog. 


Unleash the power in Your Hands!

Remember that it is your loving and positive intent that will guide your hands to create an even deeper level communication and companionship between you and your dog/pet.


Generally speaking, the direction that the hair grows is the direction of the lengthwise
muscle fibers.  Your massage of any given muscle should be across the fibers of the coat.

Example:  If the muscle fibers run the length of the body as they do on either side of the
spine, then your direction of massage should be across (perpendicular) to the spine.

Place the groomer on the muscle you wish to work on, apply gentle pressure and massage across the FASCIAL PLANES with a kneading action. In other words, the skin moves WITH the groomer so that the deeper tissue may benefit.  When finished with one area, move the groomer to a new muscle group and repeat.

 Your dog will help to show you how firmly to massage as they may start to push into the Posture Prep with their bodyweight.  As they are accepting the massage you can also offer a bit more pressure and see how they respond to it.  You may be surprised how firmly they may like it over certain muscle groups.

On the other hand when you find a sensitive or twitchy area as you massage, lighten up on your massaging until they relax into it. If after a 10-30 seconds they do not relax then you want to move onto another adjacent area and continue the massage.  As massaging the new area may actually help “release” the sensitive area.

*The Information including opinions and recommendations, contained in this website is for educational purposes only. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease.  Please consult your pet’s veterinarian with any questions or concerns.

Have fun and enjoy the daily or weekly bonding time with your pet. It is your loving intent that will guide your hands to create an greater bond between you and your dog/pet.

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