A Posture Prep for Humans too!

A Posture Prep™ Cross Fiber Groomer
 for humans too!

Why do cross-fiber grooming?


The Myofacial system of your body,  your muscles tendons ligaments and connective tissue is like your clothes.  If you are fitted in comfortable flexible and symetrical clothing you can more more freely and will less external restrictions.  When your myofacial system is healthy, flexible and symetrica then your skeleton an your joints can move freely with minimal compression and stress to the joints, and less stress and strain to the muscles and soft tissue.

1.  It relaxes the muscles.
2.  It improves blood circulation.
3.  It improves lymphatic function.
4.  It massages acupuncture points.
5.  It helps to release adhesions and restrictions in the muscle and soft tissue.

6.  Improves range of motion.

7.  Improves performance and decreases incidence of injury. 

8.  Improves spinal alignment to improve posture.

9.  Improved posture supports the spinal cord and brain and peripheral nervous system function for optimum health.

Everyone can benefit from cross-fiber grooming from your head to your toes.

The design of the Posture Prep™ makes it easy to use and get the proper results.

Generally speaking, when we are standing, the muscle fibers are on the vertical plane, lengthwise with the spine and long bones of our legs and arms.  Your massage of any given muscle should be in the opposite direction.  So if standing you would be massaging on the horizontal plane.

Example:  If the muscle fibers run the length of the body as they do on either side of the
spine, then your direction of massage should be across (perpendicular) to the spine.

Place the groomer on the muscle you wish to work on, apply gentle kneading pressure the across the FASCIAL PLANES. 

You want the skin to move WITH the groomer so that the deeper tissue may benefit.  When finished with one area, which doesn’t take long, move the groomer to a new muscle mass and repeat.

Enjoy and benefit from using the Psoture Prep through a thin layer of clothes, on your scalp to massage tension away, or put it on the floor to massage your feet and toes. The more you use it on yourself and others the more you will feel and see the benefits of improved alignment and posture.

Be well and enjoy.